Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tessier Gardens

I made the mistake of going to football, today!! ;-)

When Nich asked me if I'd like to go with him, I jumped at the chance as I haven't 

been for quite some time. 

It gave me a chance to catch up with Nich and enjoy a few laughs.

The football was dire; I don't think I've ever had to sit through

such an abysmal performance! So enough said about that!

Apart from the fact that had we won, we would've gone to Wembley

and taken part in the final of the F.A. Trophy.

We didn't win.

However, on the way to the football ground we did deviate

and we found ourselves walking down an alleyway, signed posted

to Tessier Gardens.

Well ,what a hidden gem!! 

A lovely little retreat and one to which I'll certainly return.

Still very much clothed in its winter coat, one could sense that

in a month or so, spring will be bursting forth and this little place

 will be alive with colour.

The gardens were given to Torquay Council in 1933 by Mrs Tessier

...a very nice gift, I'd say!  ;-)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Castle Cary

Our habit of jumping on a train (!) continued last Saturday!

Living in the railway town of Newton Abbot, certainly has its benefits

 and we are lucky enough to have a bit of choice

 when it comes to train travel.

So Castle Cary it was!!

The station is about a mile from the town... 

but it's a very pleasant walk!

One of the first sights to greet us was the Round House.

And as it happens I stumbled across just the person to lock up!!!

A shady character if you ask me! ;-)

Castle Cary is a quaint and interesting town.

I particularly like the colour of the stone, which gives the place

a warm feel even on a cold winter's day.

The Market House is the obvious focal point of Castle Cary;

it's a grade 2 listed building, dating from 1855.

One can imagine all sorts of 'going's ons'

taking place here!

However...the highlight of the day, for me...

Mother's Little Vintage Tea Room!!!! ;-)

Well, what can I say?!

Mother's Little Vintage Tea Room is nothing short of a delight!

You are transported back to the 1930s as soon as you enter!

One of the best tea rooms I've visited!


Appropriate reading material is at hand whilst you wait to be served!

And if you do happen to mention that it's your birthday...(as my kind 'other half' did)...

                     A lovely trip...not too far by train...or any other form of transport

                      if you have it! Trust me to spot this beauty as we were strolling

                      around!! Just my colour too! ;-)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sally Hall Tuition ;-)

It's certainly 'all go' at Sally Hall Tuition, right now!

Jan 2015 has started off very well.

My places are full... but if you are thinking of some English

tuition for your child then do give me a call so that we can talk about

your child's needs and put you on to my waiting list.

My room is an inspiring place to be and indeed I love to work in it 

when I am preparing my lessons. 

I listen to music as I work and my tastes are varied!

I have a wealth of books and materials in my classroom. 

Part of my tuition service is to offer the loan of many of my reading books 

at no extra cost.

I'd sooner see the books off my shelves, being enjoyed!!

Each child has a book bag and can take as many books as they please, 

for the week.

I'm a huge believer in daily reading and my shelves are full

of fiction, non fiction, poetry, plays etc.

When I first started my business, I invested very heavily in good books.

I had come across another tutor who had very few books and

was happy to use the child's school reading book.

That, to me, was limiting and so I set about

putting my knowledge of children's literature

into practice...and I haven't looked back.

That's partly what makes my tuition business unique; I am

so well equipped when it comes to children's literature.

In order to write, children need to be inspired!

They also need to be shown how to write, properly!

I've been blessed with a good imagination and so I don't find this

a difficult task.

At the moment, I'm spending a lot of time tackling

creative writing with many of my pupils.

I'm always on the look out for things which inspire and this week's

inspiration has come from a piece of art which I found in Sherborne.

Thus, winter stories and poems have resulted from it.

But there is much in my room to grab one's attention, be it football,

sailing, dancing... or pirates and adventures on the high seas!

I think, most of all, that I want to give the children a happy place in which to

 learn. Happy children will succeed. Simple as that ;-)

Sally Hall Tuition looks forward to hearing from you!

And now...all of this chatting has made me ...

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sherborne ;-)

Today, we let the train take the strain as we journeyed
to one of my favourite little towns, Sherborne, in Dorset.
This town is stunningly beautiful and the station (150 years old)
stands proudly, to welcome its guests.

Steeped in history, Sherborne has many fine examples of 
17th,18th and 19th Century architecture.

It was the Saxons who named Sherborne 'Scir Burne' - 
which means, 'the place of the clear stream'.

 And it was the Saxons who made made this lovely town
 the capital of Wessex. 

The abbey was actually founded by St Aldhelm 
(Sherborne's first bishop), in AD 705.
However, nothing remains of his cathedral.

Two of King Alfred's elder brothers, King Ethelbert and King Ethelbald,
 are buried in the Abbey.

Much more of the history of Sherborne Abbey can be found here.

As can be seen, many of the buildings are a lovely, subtle, honey colour;
this adds to the peaceful feel of the town.
Indeed, the town has the air of a cathedral city.

There is certainly so much that is pleasing to the eye!
in Sherborne.

These interesting chimney collection, also caught our eye!

A real treat and one to which we will return sooner, rather than later!