Monday, 11 January 2016

My Devonshire Year ;-)

To be given a lovely book, is a joy; I was given such a book for Christmas!

This is one of the nicest books that I've ever had the pleasure to own.

It's one woman's diary from 1979 and it contains hand written accounts of the 

weather, flowers, wildlife and country life along with the most beautiful

watercolour illustrations.

It especially appeals to me because it depicts part of the county of Devon; 

a county where I was born and a county which I love!

The Jurassic Coast is of particular interest and this book

was written before the area was designated as a 

World Heritage Coast. 

I have resisted the urge to read the book all in one go!

Instead, I've decided to read each month of the book,

during that particular month.  Not only will that give me a chance 

re-read if I wish, but also to compare and contrast the nature

of East Devon with the nature of my own garden.

So here we go with January!


Friday, 1 January 2016

Goodbye Christmas 2015; it was nice knowing you ! ;-)

So that's Christmas over and done with and what a fine time was had by all!

I have to say that I've really enjoyed this Christmas! ;-)

T'was our first Christmas in our new 'Garden Room', which we love.

 We'll certainly watch the seasons, with interest, from this delightful

new addition to our home.

Family, good company and cheery surroundings...that's what makes Christmas.

And of course, it really is a wonderful time when children

step over the doorstep and bring the house alone with

their fun, joy and laughter.

But now it's time to say, 'goodbye' and pack away Christmas until the end of the year....

....when it will start all over again!

See you soon, little chap!!


Monday, 23 November 2015

Our Garden Room ;-)

A few months ago, we decided that we would add a 'Garden Room' to our home. 

It wasn't a decision that we made lightly; we have often thought about it

in the past.  We live in a beautiful, secluded spot and although

we didn't want to ruin what we had, we also wanted to make the most of

enjoying the nature, which is diverse and varied.

So...finally we took the plunge... and the work began.

Needless to say, we have taken loads of photos! Most of them are not

exactly glamorous ...but it gets better!!

I mean, who gets excited about a cement mixer?

Not me! Yet every day was a step forward; a step in the right direction!

Waiting for the plaster to dry was somewhat frustrating! It's been so damp 

just lately...and I am not the most patient of people at the best of times!!

But patient we had to be!

This is where is gets a little more interesting! 

Fast forward to paint ...and carpet!! ;-)

And then...we had the most fun morning ! 

Having already gathered together the things that we wanted 

to enhance the room, we proceeded to plonk them into place (lol)..and 

Hey Presto!!

This room is a very good size and we've manage to place everything to perfection...including

Mr Snippets' 1950s cocktail cabinet!

And not forgetting the Ercol Pebble favourite Ercol!

Now there's something to write about in the jolly old Christmas

'boast in the post' letters!! LOL!

No way!

However, it's wonderful to be able to keep this blog as

my diary and, in the future, look back and remember the time when

we added this lovely garden room to our home.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn...what autumn? ;-)

On offer in my garden today...and that's not all!!! ;-)

It's October 13th and I've taken a five minute break from my work,

 to breathe in the Devon fresh air; not to mention and a well- earned

 wander around the garden!

 And if the leaves weren't falling from the trees,

 I'd hardly believe that it was autumn.

It's a stunningly beautiful day, today!

Take this lovely rose, which we inherited when we moved here, 14 years ago.

It never fails to delight and seems to want to go on and on ...and on!!

It must live in the ideal spot, as I've grown my Fuchsias against the same wall, 

this year ; they are still in full bloom and still going strong!

And hey ho! Passion is working overtime in the garden!! Hopefully, it will find its way

inside next week, when it's our wedding anniversary!! ;-) ;-)

I love these dried Hydrangea heads and this vivid, red Dahlia!

A lovely contrast of colour... well it would be...except one's in the front garden

... and one's at the back...LOL!!


Lovely...all for free... and just a step outside my study door.

It all freshens the soul, that's for sure!


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Snippets and ...looking forward to brekkie in a different room!!

Having said that autumn was creeping in, on my previous blog post...what happens?

 Summer says,  'Not likely' and gives autumn a bit of a shove, backwards!!

At least that's what has happened in sunny Devon during the last 2 weeks!!! 

Glorious sunshine has taken 'Indian Summer' as they call it...

and some lovely things have been going on in the garden, too!!

I've been loving these! They give a lovely splash of colour to the back garden.

 I staggered the sowing of my Nasturtiums this year, the second batch being

this variety, 'Cherry Rose'.

Delicious!! Yes, you can eat Nasturtiums, although I haven't eaten these!

I've put some winter flowering Pansies into some old tins

and hung them on a dead apple tree, which is proving to

be very useful in its after life!

And I've discovered a new variety of Pansy...enter:

 Frizzle Sizzle...I adore them!!

With their little frilly petals, these are guaranteed to bring cheer through the autumn.

They look ready to party!

 Party away, Frizzle Sizzles!!!

I'm definitely on the lookout for more seeds or plugs!

Now then...quietly getting on with life, yet going nowhere is this beauty, below!!

I've never grown pumpkins but Nich gave me this plant and I have nurtured and watched it

throughout the summer months.

Keep growing, you beauty!!

Moving on...

Today, we cleaned the summer house...

..and rid it of many spiders, moths and other creepy crawlies.

It was a well overdue clean and tidy up and although I haven't used it 

too much this year, I love the peace and escape that

our summerhouse offers.

And talking of interesting spaces...

Something very exciting is about to happen very shortly

at Woodpeckers!! I can hardly contain myself!

This is the back of our house...well it was... but my hard working

other half has had to remove all of the Ivy, Wisteria and whatever else has

been growing along this wall as, very soon, we are having a Garden Room

built here! this space...we hope to move in well before Christmas!!

(The only argument might be...where to put the Christmas tree!!)

'Brekkie in the Garden Room, darling?'

'I should say so!'