Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Weekend break! ;-)

This is the Villa Marina Hotel in Paignton, South Devon.

It's a lovely building which, apparently, was built by Paris Singer

(of the famed Singer Sewing Machine Company) for Isadora Duncan,

with whom he was romantically involved.

And this is where we spent two nights , at the weekend, 

to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

We had the top floor room.

You could be for given for thinking that we were in Paris!

However, the views in the opposite direction were very different...

Torquay! ;-)

And here's the view in the other direction...Brixham and Berry Head:

It being a very warm autumn, Paignton was still very busy, with many people

making their way to the pier. 

Here are a few of the delightful sights of Paignton:

Candy coloured residences.

The blue and cream of the harbour area.

Not forgetting the steam trains.

I spotted this lovely vintage poster...where better place than Devon?

The next day we jumped on a bus to Torquay.

Walking around the harbour, we couldn't fail to notice the big wheel;

a real attraction for some!

However, on Sunday, the wheel was dismantled and it's not

yet known whether it will return.

Personally, I prefer this lovely old building, The Pavilion, 

which has stood in the shadow of the big wheel, over the past few months.

I'm not sure what Agatha Christie (bottom left of the next photo)

 would've thought of the big wheel...maybe she would write a mystery surrounding it!

(with rogues and scoundrels scrambling over the seats as the wheel 

is in motion...you get the idea and can picture the scene?!!!LOL)

We had a lovely break; there's nothing like a bit of sea air to 

freshen the soul!

And there's nothing like a line of beach huts to bring a smile to one's face

...is there?! ;-)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Death by emulsion!!! ;-)

 I have a newly decorated 'classroom' at

'Sally Hall Tuition' !! 

It's all thanks to Mr Snippets...who hates decorating! LOL ;-)

I chose a very pale lemon for the walls and this sets off my

beautiful Eileen Soper prints, perfectly.

I chose some lovely cream and gold frames ( distressed

and absolutely perfect!!)

This room had never been decorated since the day we moved in, in 2001.

'I won't be doing it again in my lifetime,' were the words

that he uttered, a few days ago, whilst brandishing a paintbrush,

as if he wanted to attack someone!

(Death by emulsion!!) ;-) ;-)

But it's all come together, really well;  Mr Snippets, beavered away

and he worked like a trojan every day, for a number of days.

I love it!

I feel very inspired being in my lovely room; I only hope that the children do too!

I have all sorts of interesting things in my room.

As a classroom teacher, I loved doing art and craft with my classes; 

I loved displaying children's work to its best;

I loved creating an inspiring environment, in which to work

 I miss all of that.

Mustn't forget the tea tray!! A vital piece of equipment

for every teacher!!

I have little 'snippets' of my own children in my room too.

Helen and Nich are both examples of what hard work can achieve

and I am mighty proud of them and how they have grown into

such wonderful adults. 

They each inspire me in their own way.

For anyone who doesn't know, I am a private tutor based in South Devon

 and I teach English to children of

primary school and secondary school age.

You can find me here .

So that's it... Blu Tack is now banned!

Oh... and I would offer to hire out Mr Snippets

as he's done a fantastic job but...well

I want to live long enough to teach many more lessons

in my fab room!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The pleasure of poetry ;-)

Today, I found the loveliest book.

Packed with poetry and inspiring illustrations, I knew

that it would make a great addition to the resources

in my teaching room.

I've always enjoyed poetry;

I often think that it's such a shame

that so many children have a dislike for this type of writing.

During the past few years, I have found that many of my pupils

 have to study war poetry more than any other type

of poetry. I can honestly

 say that we have certainly 'done it to death'. 

I'm not saying that war poetry doesn't have a place

in the curriculum. Yet, however thought provoking

this type of poetry can be, there are also

so many other themes and subjects that could be studied

and these are often overlooked.

Introduced in the right way, I am sure that poetry could

be made far more enjoyable...especially

as poetry has to be studied, in depth, at GCSE.

I spotted this lovely book in The National Trust shop...a bargain at

a very well, reduced price!