Friday, 22 July 2016

Lovely model gardens! ;-)

There is a wonderful assortment of model gardens at Trago Mills,

Newton Abbot.

I first visited these in 2009; I have to say that six years on

 they are still a sight to behold.

This is 'The Environmental Garden', where the creators have made use of

old things: tyres; a tin bath; a garden roller; old sinks; an old washing machine drum

 and bits of old iron.

The 'Devon Scene' serves to remind visitors where they are

with the old Devon thatched cottage standing alongside 

a river, with clapper bridge.

'Canal Street' has a row of houses each with their own pretty

frontage, facing a canal with an appropriate green barge,

bedecked with geraniums etc.

'The Railway Children's Garden'  is lovely and

depicts that old scene which we all love...

not forgetting the brown and cream signal box.

And the 'Cornish Seaside Garden' is lovely too...

If you fancy something a bit more formal then

'The Italian White Garden' is for you.

Or there's the 'Four Seasons Garden' complete with pool...

For more perfumed surroundings then 'The Sensory Garden' is top notch 

and not only pleasing to the nose but also a visual delight!

A visit to the model gardens at Trago Mills is a must!


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy Sunday!

It's a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon and as I returned home from seeing

 my mum, earlier, the roses seemed to jump out and greet me.

I think that I'm enjoying my gardening at Woodpeckers more than I ever have.

This is Blush Rambler and it adds a perfect contrast to the very lovely,

 brighter, pink rose which we inherited when we moved here.

 (Thus, I don't know the name of it.)


'Around the back'...

I've been thrilled to see that the ramblers, which were only

 planted a year ago, have come into their own.

This one is Kew Rambler...and it is stunning!

The rose below is Francis E Lester and it's a joy to behold....its first year of flowering

has produced so many beautiful blooms.

American Pillar...well what can I say?

I have three of these lovely rambling roses in my garden and they

do not disappoint!

My bee balm (Bergamot), which I sowed from seed, has been a huge success as have my 

Pansies...these with the frizzly petals are cuteness personified...

 if ever there could be such a thing!

I don't buy much in the way of established plants but I couldn't resist this

stunning Geranium and equally lovely Fuchsia...Devonshire Dumpling very favourite Fuchsia.

I also picked up this Achillea on my travels... well as a pack of Coleus, which I have potted into larger pots.

Lovely colours!

Oh My!!

Is that the time?

My potting shed has had a slight revamp and tidy up

and here's a new addition...a clock.

Of course when one is so busy in the garden.... should always make the time to take a break, sit back and contemplate!

I find myself doing that very frequently. ;-)

And this is what I took to my mum, yesterday:

The fruits of my labour...

Cheery or what?

Happy Sunday!